Purchasing Baseball Ticket Stubs
1960’s - 1990’s

Looking to purchase numerous old baseball ticket stubs from the 1960s-1990s. We are collectors who have embarked on an unusual journey – to assemble groups of old tickets to complete amazing themes.

One such theme is to find a ticket stub for every MLB game that Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk played in – all 2,499 career games. An additional theme is to try and procure one ticket stub to every game in Cal Ripken Jr.’s consecutive game streak of 2,632 games. Yet another collector has found tickets to over 175 No-Hitters thrown, dating back to the early 1900s. After many years of scouring for these hidden gems, we are happy to report our progress. The Carlton Fisk project is at 94% complete, while the Cal Ripken Jr. project is closing in on 98% complete!

No matter what the theme, we have unearthed many old tickets that help us transport back to the time of their origin!

If you have any old baseball ticket stubs or know any season ticket holders (who might have saved their old tickets) we want to hear from you. Always buying individual tickets and complete collections. Please contact us today if you can help us achieve our unique goals of ticket collecting!
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